Zero Touch limitations and potential issues

 I recently deployed Zero Touch in a lab enviorment and had some questions as to the limitations and features of it. I use Powercode to manage my SM's dhcp and apply the configuration file from there. DHCP appears to work fine but will Zero Touch apply QOS & VLAN settings to my SM's? Currently it appears that the QOS does not apply to each device. I did read that there was an issue with the previous firmware about this ( am now running 16.0.1 in my lab and QOS still does not get applied to each device individually. Is this an isolated issue unique to myself or am I mistaken as to how the Zero Touch feature operates. I currently have 5792,High Gain and Mid Gain with a Medusa AP in my test enviorment all running 16.0.1.Thanks in advance.

Hi LosVilla,

VLAN and QOS settings are part of the RADIUS-configurable options. Are there any specific ones that you're having trouble with? For example, number of data channels, UL/DL CIR, burst/sustained MIR limits, VLAN ID, etc. are all available in the RADIUS configuration.



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I believe Powercode also supports DHCP Option 66 where they can provide this information via config file during the DHCP phase of ICC.  Please reach out to them for help on using that feature.  Otherwise, as Al said, the main way these settings would be delivered is via RADIUS.  Some customers will use default radius config for un-provisioned devices, then once they are online, push a proper configuration down that would set a proper RADIUS user configuration so that when the device reconnects, it will retrieve its proper plan settings.  There is even a RADIUS VSA that can provide the configuration file for the SM to retrieve and self apply.  

Another option is to use the configuration file directly once the SM registers and in the configuration file you can set these parameters.

Any way you do it, remember that while the SM is connected in ICC mode, it will not allow any customer traffic (Ethernet side) to be bridged onto the RF side and the GUI will have a helpful message on both the SM and the AP indicating that the SM is in ICC connected mode.