Zero-Touch Onboarding Key

Hello all,

Perhaps I'm just not seeing it, but is there a way to push the Onboarding Key to a PMP-450 SM? My goal is to push the cnMaestro URL, account name, and onboarding key for true zero-touch installs that include getting new SMs added to our on-premises server. I'm currently developing with RADIUS and the ZTC config file. I don't see anything mentioned in the PMP-450 docs for a VSA that allows me to set the Onboarding Key, perhaps someone can help me out?


You need to onboard the AP into maestro and all the SM will be automatically onboarded using the parent AP.

Are there specific conditions required for this to occur? I am running cnMaestro 2.1.0r21, the AP is on 16.0.1, and the SMs so far start off with version 15.1. I currently push the URL via RADIUS and config file, the SM just appears in the onboarding queue awaiting approval.

I upgraded the SM to and now this feature works as you described.

It looks like I can accomplish automatic approval via the API, so I will investigate this feature.


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