Zero Touch Onboarding of ePMP SMs when the corresponding AP is onboarded in cnMaestro

This document explains on how to Zero Touch Onboard ePMP SMs when the corresponding AP is onboarded in cnMaestro.

1) Prerequisites for ePMP SMs Zero Touch on boarding to cnMaestro

a) ePMP AP and SM Software Version should be 4.4.1

b) In ePMP AP GUI , Configuration->System under cnMaestro section Zero Touch option should be Enabled


c) In cnMaestro GUI, Application->Settings page under Zero Touch Onboarding of SM Devices ,

allow automatic Onboarding of ePMP/PMP SM devices option should be Enabled.

2) Zero Touch Onboarding of ePMP SMs when the corresponding AP is onboarded

a) First the wireless link should be established between the ePMP AP and SM .

b) Once the AP and SM link is established user needs to on board the ePMP AP to either onPremises or Cloud server.

c) Once the AP is on boarded to the cnMaestro Cloud or On premises server the corresponding ePMP SMs will on board automatically to the cnMaestro server using the Zero touch token that is communicated between the AP and SMs.

d) This is applicable for the existing SMs connected to the AP or the SMs that will be connected newly to the AP.

e) Once the ePMP AP/SM appears in the on boarding queue of the cnMaestro server, user needs to approve the devices in order to start managing the devices.

3) Order of Device On boarding

The device discovery order is as follows in cnMaestro On Premises Server and if any of the options is not configured the discovery method will fallback to the next option . If any of the option is configured and the onboarding fails , the same option will be retried until the onboarding works fine.

  • Static cnMaestro URL
  • Zero Touch token (on boarding of ePMP SMs when the corresponding AP is on boarded)
  • Option 43
  • Option 15
  • Option 52(If IPV6 Enabled)
  • Option 17(If IPV6 Enabled)
  • IPV6 Domain names

4) Device Agent Logs 

  • To enable debug logs please navigate to Configuration->System and under the System Logging section enable all the syslog masks.
  • For debugging any on boarding issues please check the device agent logs by navigating to Monitor->System Log in the device .
  • For the device agent logs to appear in the system log page user has to enable the options Syslog Display and Device Agent Logging.

Note :-  In case the SM is changed from OnPremises server to Cloud or vice versa or from old AP to new AP and there is a problem in Zero Touch onboarding of SMs with the error Invalid Parent Token, please reboot the SM once and still the issue persists contact cambium support team with the Device Agent Logs. 

Also the Zero touch onboarding will not work for devices which are not having the strong serial number(12 Digits)


Working with Cambium Support on this issue. I am seeing in OnPremise Maestro 2.4.1-r10 that the 1c settings does not exist in Application->Settings. This may need to be updated once we finish the ticket, just wanted to report while I am thinking of it.

I am not seeing the Zero Touch Onboarding option on cnMaestro On Premise v3.1.1-r8. Is this available in On Premise?

Also, is there a way to do the Zero Touch Onboarding with a default out of the box ePMP?