1.3.0-r5 and R200 4.3-R9

First off, cnMaestro is a total waste of my time. In a good way. I can't stop looking at it!

I upgraded my home R200P to 4.3-R9 and then added it to cnMaestro. It has been onboarded for about 30 minutes now. I'm getting the latency test failed message. As well as no wifi client device info. It does however show the number of connected clients.

R200 syslog shows:

<Sat Dec 10 11:05:15 2016> DEV_MANAGER[16225]: No latency response for seq 1
<Sat Dec 10 11:05:15 2016> DEV_MANAGER[16225]: latency timer already running
<Sat Dec 10 11:05:18 2016> DEV_MANAGER[16225]: No latency response for seq 3
<Sat Dec 10 11:05:38 2016> DEV_MANAGER[16225]: getprotobyname() failed
<Sat Dec 10 11:05:39 2016> DEV_MANAGER[16225]: latency timer already running
<Sat Dec 10 11:05:39 2016> DEV_MANAGER[16225]: No latency response for seq 2

These messages show up every time I click the refresh button in the Maestro UI.

I guess I could try rolling back the firmware on the R200, but it's just my house, so I don't mind leaving it to provide data to debug it.

Screenshot attached.

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Hi George,

-Was that worked fine prior to upgrading your R200P to 4.3-R9?

-Do you have the reachability from R200 to cnMaestro, right now? Are they  pinging?

-Please share your Cambium ID.

-We will check on this issue and get back to you with an update.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

It was running 4.2.3-R4, but has never been onboarded into any cnMaestro up to that point. I upgraded it to 4.3-R9 manually in the router's GUI (twice as instructed), configured the cnMaestro URL and then onboarded it into our On-Premise instance.

I did figure out that I can click on my R200 in the system tree to bring up the device's dashboard and the wireless client info is there at the bottom. Screenshot attached. So it seems that just the Tools page for this device type is broken or just not supporting this R200 release yet?

Yes, from the router's diagnostics, both ping and traceroute can reach our On-Premise VM.

Hi George,

Thank you very much for your prompt and quick response.

Please share the configuration file from the R200P radio. We will check on this behaviour and keep you posted with an update within couple of days.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

Hi Jijay,

Can I email my R200 config file to you? I'd rather not post it here.

Hi George,

Yes, you can email the configuration file to this email address support@cambiumnetworks.com and I will receive it. 


Vijay Gnanamurtthi