1.5.0-r12 scrolling

I recently exported from 1.3.0, set up a new 1.4.0 VM, imported, and then applied the 1.5.0 package update. No issues with that. The updates are nice, especially the sorting issues being resolved.

Is this annoying anyone else or just me? The scrolling in 1.5.0 is super smooth... and super slow. All I use is Chrome. This is extremely annoying on my laptop with the trackpad and right edge swipe for vertial scrolling. It takes about 6 times to get the page or a frame to scroll barely an inch.

/might be grumpy today

Hi George -- we noticed this as well, and it will be fixed in the upcoming 1.5.1 release.

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I am guessing this only affects the Cloud version only??

I am running on Premises with Chrome and expienced no issues as of yet.

Hi Chris -- In my setup it is much more pronounced on Firefox than on Chrome (when accessing the same Cloud account), but Chrome still has a clear lag when scrolling. There shouldn't be any significant difference between Cloud and On-Premises.