1.6.0 r18 On-Premises Software Update

Help! I've lost my mind.

I just set up a job to update the firmware on 1 PMP450 and 5 PMP450 SMs.  Something came up so I didn't select "Start job now" figuring I would create the job and come back to start it, as I have done before. - I'll take this opportunity to once more request a "Scheduling" function - Long story short, came back to start the job only to find... the job doesn't show anywhere.  There's no way I see to start it.  If I hover over the "Devices" gear icon, I can see the job details, but no way to start the job.  This is new to r18 as I know I've been able to create and start the jobs at different times before.

What am I missing?

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Never mind - Just saw the "Software Update Jobs" icon at the top of the page.  

Please navigate to Application -> Jobs -> Software Update.  From here you should be able to see all jobs you've created.  Queued jobs should have a button to start the job.

Scheduling Software jobs is part of our roadmap but cannot confirm on the timeline as of now.

Thanks for your feedback and we will keep you posted on the updates.



When you say "navigate to Application -> Jobs -> Software Update", how do I get there from the "Dashboard"?

The only way I see is the icon i mentioned earlier in my edit.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Just found the icon.  Didn't have the Menu Bar expanded.

- thanks again 

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I can understand the change now, but it seems there should also be something on the actual "Software Update" page to do so.  Maybe selecting the spinning "Gear" icon? 

The "Jobs" link should be broken out on the Menu Bar.  After all, "Application" to me means something to do with the cnMaestro program itself.  Settings dealing with the server, users etc. 

There should also be a way to go directly to the "Dashboard" from any other page.  This is missing from several different pages.

Thanks again.

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Thank you for your feedback.  I agree, there should be a button on the Software Update pages to link directly to the Jobs page.  We do this already for the Configuration views with a "View Update Jobs" button.  I've created ticket CNSSNG-7316 to implement this change for a future release.

The wrench icon on the left hand menu for "Manage" takes you back to the system Dashboard view.  Are you talking about links for individual devices to navigate back to their dashboards?  Can you give some examples of which pages are missing a way to go directly back to the "Dashboard"?

OK, OK - I need to read the User Guide again - I was looking for a "Dashboard" link at the top of the pages.  I didn't realize, or totally forgot, the "Wrench" key navigated to the "Dashboard".

Thanks for the info - and for not telling me to read the User Guide. 

I'll get there - sooner or later.

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