1.6.0 r5 Onprem - System Report

Performance page

Period: ANY

Interval: ANY

Device Type: PMP AP and/or SM

Data Export:

Problem - 

Selecting or deselecting the Basic checkbox has no effect on the underlying fields.  No way to toggle a field.

Once  the report is generated, neither the Uplink RSSI nor the Uplink RSSI Imbalance fields populate.

With the new release, not only were five fields added (good), but the layout changed (not so good).

Request - 

When exporting a combined AP and SM report, change arrangement of fields as follows:

Move Network (New) before Tower (New)

Move Uplink RSSI (dBm) (New) after Uplink RSSIImbalance (New) - Add a space betwwen RSSI and Imbalance

Move Downlink ThroughPut (Kbps) before Uplink ThroughPut (Kbps)

Move Downlink Modulation before Uplink Modulation 

Move Downlink Frame Utilization before Uplink Frame Utilization

Move Offline Count (New) after Session Drops

Move Downlink RSSI (dBm) after Uplink Frame Utilization

Move Downlink RSSIImbalance after Downlink RSSI (dBm)

Polling Timestamp Network Tower MAC Device Name
Device Type Device Mode Downlink ThroughPut (Kbps) Uplink ThroughPut (Kbps)
SM Count Session Drops Offline Count Downlink Frame Utilization Uplink Frame Utilization
Downlink RSSI (dBm) Downlink RSSIImbalance  Downlink Modulation 
Uplink Modulation  Uplink RSSI Imbalance  Uplink RSSI (dBm)

Rearrange the fields of the individual AP and SM exports accordingly.


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Hi Luis,

Thanks for your valuable feedback. The feedback is passed on to the engineering team and will be taken care for the next release.