(1) OID network statistics confusion and (2) Simulating SM Re-registration


Two separate questions:

1. I am trying to gather network throughput statistics on all SM and AP radios (not PPPoE statistics). When I look in the SM Mib I only see OID's for PPPoE (pppoeDataBytesReceived etc.). If I visit the SM's Web Configuration page (Statistics -> Radio) I see values for `inoctets Count` and `outoctets Count`, which is exactly what I want, but I don't see those represented as OID's.

What confuses me is that the AP holds the radio network statistics (correct me if I am wrong) in its own Mib as `linkOutOctets` and `linkInOctets` for each SM.


$ snmpwalk -v2c -cCanopyro <ap-ip-address>
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = Counter32: 3474848177
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = Counter32: 3670065471

Returns `linkOutOctets` for two connected SM's, LUID 2 and 3.

Now if I visit the AP's Web Configuration page (Statistics -> Radio) I see values for `inoctets Count` and `outoctets Count` which, again, is exactly what I want but I don't see an OID in the AP Mib for its own in/out octect Count. Is an AP's `inoctets Count` a summation of all connected SM's `outoctect Count`, and vice-verse for `outoctects`. If so, then is your SM Statistics->Radio values are retrieved by SNMP to the AP? How does the SM know it is connected to that AP (I do not see an OID for that).

2. How can I simulate a Re-registration on a SM to an AP? This is strictly for testing purposes to raise an alarm in Cacti.

Pulled from the PMP User Guide:

Typically, a Re-Reg is the case where both:
- an SM attempts to reregister for having lost communication with the AP.
- the AP has not yet observed the link to the SM as being down.

Thank you for your time


1) You can use the standard IF-MIB:

;; Counter32
; Ethernet Interface
; Radio Interface

;; Counter64
; Ethernet Interface
; Radio Interface

2) You can drop the SM session from the AP

1) Excellent thanks.

2) That counts as a Registration not a Re-registration

 Session Count: 2, Reg Count: 2, Re-Reg Count: 0

You can use the "Timed Spectrum Analysis" function on the SM.

Again, not getting re-reg.

Session Count: 5, Reg Count: 5, Re-Reg Count: 0

I've enabled the tool and rebooted.

You don't need to enable the scan at boot, just press the "Start Timed Spectrum Analysis" button.

Are you doing this on your end and seeing re-reg increments?

 Session Count: 9, Reg Count: 9, Re-Reg Count: 0

Yep. (in the image: Count | Reg | Re-Reg)

Is there a way for you to dump your configuration for the AP/SM and I can replicate it?  Or would it be something else? My setup is a simple AP <-> SM