1 Station "PTP" with MU-MIMO ePMP3000

Hi.  We have a location where we have two towers with two PTP links which are currently almost perfectly in line with each other.  So, currently we have two separate links, running two separate channels - plus a guard band... so we're chewing up spectrum.

So - my question is:  Since the ePMP3000 is MU-mimo and since it says it can talk to two stations simultaneously...  does that mean we could replace both Master's with one ePMP3000, and since both Slave's are in line with each other...

So, what would the MU of MU-MIMO perform like in that situation?  If we could free up a channel in the process, that'd be good.  

Assuming that both clients are within the 90deg coverage pattern AND there's enough horizontal separation between the two clients... then yes... should work great. You should be able to get double your BW on the downlink.

Yes, one tower is 6.2 KM and the other is 11.7 KM - and they are almost identically in line with each other. We shoot right over the 6.2KM tower to get to the 11.7 KM tower.  We could put a 3 degree beam dish on the Master side and hit both the Slave sites.  :slight_smile:

So, if this will work like I expect it to, then it’d be great!  On the main “Master” location, we could free up tower space, free up a channel, and probably still get more throughput than we’re getting now.

Another way to do it, have your middle site be the master site and use 65/35 if there is enough bandwidith for that. You can do that now with out waiting on the 3k

You could install two dishes and connect the 3000 to both. Would give you MU-MIMO while the narrower beam would give the benefit of higher gain and reduced interference over sector antenna.

Yes, for sure. We use dishes on iour backhauls, not sectors. :slight_smile: