10 Meg Connections?

Has anyone else seen a number of SMs connecting at 10 megs?

We'll go out, test cable, swap PoEs and they'll stay at 10 megs.

We end up swapping out the radios.

I'm suspect of the 2.6.1 firmware, since that's when we started notcing, but I haven't read any other posts on the subject.

One or two.. okay, but we've seen a dozen or so.

Thank you.


Are these integrated? I haven't used many (around 10-15) but yes we did have one that stopped working at 1000/100 and dropped back to 10 after the firmware update.

Both, doesn't seem to be hardware specfic.

Really, I'm just kinda "putting" it out there to see if anyone has had recent experience like mine.

Thank you!