100% CPU spike - epmp 1000 -

Seeing 100% CPU flatline on 3 EPMP 1000’s. All are running This is causing frame drops/packet loss.

The AP with the lowest amount of subs is running 9 subs. I wouldn’t think 9 subs should push the CPU to 100%? The other two have 12 and 13 subs. Will upgrading software/firmware solve this issue?

Anyone else seeing this on the

Pushing an upgrade overnight in one to see if this corrects it.

Other than this, any thoughts?

We had a number of strangenesses with, but for us, we’re now running 4.7.1-RC22 or RC21 on everything, and all all strange things have gone away… working 100% from what I can see.

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as ninedd has said, has issues. Once we switched to 4.7.1-rc21 the issues have went away.