100 mw & 2 W

How do i findout whether I have a 100 mw product or 2 W product…?

What frequency range?

IE: 900mHz is 4 watt EIRP.

I have here 2.4 ghz ap/sm . I am note sure what is EIRP for this .

Could it be 100 mW or 2 W ?

ISM 2.4 GHz is EIRP 4 watts also, as per FCC regulation (assuming you are transmiting in the US)

The FCC allows 1 watt (30 dBm) of power output from the radio (max power), and 4 watts (36 dBi) of power output from the antenna.

The way to test the max power output of your Canopy eq is via the “Transmitter Output Power” field in the Configuration page of the web interface (introduced in firmware 6.0, I think).

Set that value to something outrageous (higher then 36) and click save changes. Now take a look at the value. It will default to the highest allowed setting. On my 900 stuff, its 28 (about 630 mW) well short of the FCCs 1000 mW limit.

Adding the antenna’s gain gets us to the 4 W max EIRP.

28 dBm max power + 8 dBi antenna = 36 dB EIRP ( =~ 4 watts)

That’s how we can use antennas with gain higher then 8 dB, by lowering the transmitter’s output power.

Is this what you are looking for?