100% of cnReach radios tested over wide temperature range before leaving factory

cnReach radios undergo significant testing before they leave the factory.  One of these tests is to freeze and bake the radios in extreme temperatures to make sure they are ready to go into the harshest environments.

All cnReach radios go through 100% factory testing for operating in harsh temperature environments.  Temperature range is verified from -40C to +85C (note the product supports -40C to +60C for warranty purposes). This 100% production testing results in extremely low out of box failures.

During production testing the following is verified:

  • Transmit Power – Verification that the transmit output power maintains within a specified +- limit of set transmit power through the entire temperature profile
  • Link Quality - The unit must stay linked during the entire temperature profile
  • RSSI Calibration - RSSI is calibrated over the entire temperature profile cold and hot
  • Cold Start (boot and link):
    • Power is turned off and chamber is cooled until board temperature stabilizes in a -40C ambient environment.
    • At this point the radio is powered on
    • The unit must boot and link at a 90% or better packet success rate at or below -40 deg C.
  • Hot Start
    • This best simulates a low power/solar field application where board is self heating and/or an environmentally controlled enclosure is not present.
    • Hot Start – The same process described above for cold start inversed in temperature
  • Over the Air Configuration – All configuration and calibration values are only written over the air during these processes as a further functional verification
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