1000 Hotspot Guest Splash Page Icon Broken

This is our first enterprise Cambium Hotspot.  I believe I've got everything set up correctly.  We are able to get online just fine.  We are trying to use the Guest Access using the internal Access Point.  It loads the splash page just fine but for some reason the link we have put in for the Icon keeps showing broken on the splash page.  I'm able to copy the direct url from the settings page and put it in the browser and the image shows just fine.  So the image isn't a broken link.  I even tried changing from jpg. to png.  We even resized the image.  Still broken image. 

See attached image for referance.

You might need to add the domain name of the site where the logo is hosted to the guest access whitelist 

I just tried to add the Icon url to the white list at the bottom of the guest portal page and I'm still getting the broken image.

That device may have the DNS mapping cached from when you accessed the page last - do you have another device you can try this on (or turn Wi-Fi off and back on the original device and restart the browser). 

I have done this and cleared the cach and I'm still getting the broken image.