1000 vs 2000 Bandwidth drop

We recently upgraded an access point from a 1000 to a 2000 to help by adding additional through put.  But so far total bandwith has dropped by a third.  Do the 2000's handle traffic in a more efficient manner and is that why I am seeing the drop?  


Is ePMP2000 operating on the same channel?

Bandwidth drop is not expected.

Thank you.

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When you say a bandwidth drop, are you saying clients are slower… or are you saying that the total amount of data over the air is less data now?

As Fedor says, there is no reason for the 2000 to be slower. There is however an active filter in the 2000, which can do great things to help mitigate interference at the AP side. A 2000 AP will essentially hear less nearby channel interference, and it will also generage less interference for systems on frequencies which are close. So - retries and retransmissions and dropped packets can be reduced, with a higher percentage of data getting through.

Maybe this is what you’re seeing? Or are you saying that the SMs are actually performing more slowly for you?

I think I found the issue, over half of the SM's were associating and disassociating from the ap.  I have been working on upgrading the AP and SM's to 4.4RC30, that seems to be resolving the issue.  Although, it seems curious that the AP would begin to have issues on a stable FW version that I have deployed on several other APs.  Hopefully this will resolve the dramatic decrease in traffic and will let you know the results.  Thank you for the help.