10Gb Link


Can anyone recomend a set of units for a 80Ghz 10Gb PTP link, Cambium have no products in this range.

Only looking at 1.5 Miles (2.5KM), 

Trying to keep cost down so very highend gear may be out of budget.

How are lightpointe, siklu, elva-1, solectec




hope i m not violating any forum low..

i use Siae Microelettronica

10Gbps E-band link ALFOplus80HDX (granularity 1Gbps to 10Gbps full duplex licence), eventually in XPIC (20Gbps)

2.5Gbps E-Band link ALFOplus80HD (granularity 800Mbps to >2 Gbps full duplex licence)

reliable devices ...up to now , at least :D

PS: Solectec is reselling diffrent brand like Racom Ray (17-24GHz), Bridgwave Navigator D(for 8-42GHz) and  for Eband..has no his proprietary solution

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