10Mbps negotiation rate

I have a new sector hanging off of a solar site. One AF5X BH and one 5Ghz ePMP radio connected to an omni. The ePMP radio won'e negotitate more that 10Mbps/Full on the ethernet port. The airfiber is negotiating 100Mbps. The little tycon switch will only do 100Mbps .

I rolled the AF5X and ePMP cables and the ePMP is still doing 10Mbps so this eliminated the switch as the issue. So it's either cable or radio?????

running 3.2.1

What do you guys  think? - Thanks

Have you double checked the epmp radio setting for network settings? If the switch only does 100mbps, have you hard set the epmp radio to this? Auto negotiate only works with hardware that supports the protocol. Same with MDIX types and full and half duplex. So dont count the switch out yet.

What I would do if its just the two devices is to make a crossover cable and go directly from the BH to the AP. Then have the NOC check the network speeds. If they are 100mbps full duplex then you have eliminated the cables and radios. If not then double check that the two radios are in fact set to auto 100 full and try again. If that doesnt work then its a crimp end or a cable or even a pin in a port thats not making contact. Pins 1/2 and 3/6 make a 100mbps full duplex cable. If any one pin is not working then it wont do 100mbps or full duplex. 10mbps half dulpex is either pair.

I have had cables have a close break in one pair so that when I plugged a tester in it showed good but wouldnt work when plugged into the psu. The difference was a broken wire 2inches from the crimp that was good when disconnected because I held it out and made a temporary connection which would pass a test only to not work. CCA cabling has this issue a lot. Yes its cheaper but it can not withstand any abuse. Not that this is your problem but it illustrates a possibility.