120mW max power

Have a cnReach “400 MHz Licensed”

Under radio RF settings I have:

10 kbps MSK 12.5 kHz
20 kbps QPSK 12.5 kHz
23 kbps QPSK 12.5 kHz (120mW max power)
31 kbps 8PSK 12.5 kHz
34 kbps 8PSK 12.5 kHz (120mW max power)
41 kbps 16QAM 12.5 kHz
45 kbps 16QAM 12.5 kHz (120mW max power)
51 kbps 32QAM 12.5 kHz
57 kbps 32QAM 12.5 kHz (120mW max power)
61 kbps 64QAM 12.5 kHz
68 kbps 64QAM 12.5 kHz (120mW max power)

What does the “120mW max power” mean in these? I recall in a video they state if multiple modulations are selected they should be consecutive and only up to 4 of them. How does that work here?

I am having a bit of trouble with this system dropping out and trying to trace the issue if its the cnReach links or another issue. In past we have always used “41 kbps 16QAM 12.5 kHz” and no error correction and it has always worked fine. This is bit more complicated with repeater etc.