15.0.3 is broke

Not sure if this has been mentioned or anyone else noticed, but 15.0.3 has some serious problems. And 15.0.3 is coming pre-loaded on most SMs from resellers/distributors.

NAT mode enabled will not allow you to set the remote config interface to "Use WAN", it simple goes back to disabled after clicking save and the page refreshes.

If the remote config interface is set to stand-alone and set to DHCP, the SNMPv3 engine ID gets set to 800000a100000000000000 and will not revert to the device/MAC specific default, even if you click the "Use Default Engine ID" button. This is how I discovered the NAT/remote config interface bug. Disable NAT, save, reboot. Use default engine ID, save, reboot. Then it's fine.

Not that this really matters, since we don't use SNMPv3 much, and NAT mode remote config is usually set to stand-alone. But I've had other oddities with things not saving. I have some deployed SMs on 15.0.3 that would not take DNS servers no matter what. It looks like it saved, but a reboot cleared them. Set to factory defaults remotely and reconfig was the only way to fix them.

Guess I'll load up 15.1.1 beta on some radios and play with it.

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We'll dig into this George... thanks for pointing it out.

As with any software release, we do all kinds of testing: new feature testing, regression testing, etc. but sometimes things (bugs) find their way through.

You're right that factory default at this time is 15.0.3.


15.0.2(.1) has the same issues. Not sure about 15.0.1, don't have any left on the network. Looks like 15.1 is good with the NAT config issue. So.. someone noticed and made fixes at some point.

Now I see what's happening with the SNMPv3 Engine ID thing. It will be zeros in place of the default MAC address on 15.1 and 15.1.1b5. Then.. let it run for a few minutes and it changes to the expected value on its own. Perhaps that's the SNMP daemon/process initializing. But it only does this in NAT mode. So yeah, probably has to be an initialization thing (waiting on IP stack in the case of DHCP, etc.).

Also just a note, 15.1 and 15.1.1b5 do not load the band-edge 2.5MHz center default custom frequencies on 3.6GHz radios. 3652.5 and 3697.5 are valid for 5MHz channel bandwidth operation. We don't use it all that much unless we're trying to temporarily work around a noise issue. But if we have SMs out there that aren't scanning them, then that's going to be a problem.

15.1.1 looks pretty good so far on the bench. I'll try to get a site on beta next week and see how it goes. I still can't get used to the backwards SM QoS settings though. :( You know, what you should do is put out (or 13.4.2) for PMP100 with the QoS settings reversed so it matches everything else. I can dream, right?