15.0.X Cambium 450 QoS Changes? Getting dropped high priority data

We recently tested 15.0.2 on an AP and found that our existing high priority channel and QoS settings behavior no longer functions. Before, through extensive testing on 13.x, we found the following settings resulted in a user who would cap out their download or upload CIR would still be able to use the high priority CIR and have that data go out without packet loss while the non 802.1p priorty or non-priority dscp flagged traffic would start dropping.

(example below is for a 10 down and 2 up plan with 500 extra provisioned for high priority)


I've tried combinations of high burst buckets, low buckets, no bucket, no burst, high burst and in every situation experience dropped audio on VoIP calls which previous to 15.x didn't drop audio. The above overrides worked flawlessly on both 13.x and 14.x AP/sm's.

Yes, there was a bug recently discovered regarding QoS... good news is that we've fixed it in R15.1.  There should be a beta version available early next week.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I will post here when the beta becomes available (in addition to the main announcement thread).

We're seeing the same on 15.0.2(.1). Customers saturating their uplink or downlink MIR results in VoIP quality issues. I thought we had something else going on, but this looks like it. Anxiously awaiting 15.1 beta.

Hi, when the beta version?