15.1 Spec An Anomaly

Has anyone else seen this on their spec ans?

Just on AP side - so far

Did I miss a memo?


Sorry, Luis.  What is it that you are seeing? (Maybe it should be obvious, but I am not the expert when it comes to Spectrum Analysis reports).

All the black bars.  It should, or at least it used to, display a clean white background with the spectrum signal 

One  behind grey bars represent out of band  frequencies, In range fequencies are the one in white back ground

 This is an improvement added to help in  selection of  the frequencies.


In range - Out of range

Are you talking about the center frequencies (frequency carriers)?  I'm assuming so, but you know what happens when one assumes.

Maybe a check box to toggle this improvement on and off?  Maybe add the highlights below the signal graph?  Like right on top of the frequency display itself?

I guess it's just my ADD, but this doesn't look so pretty good.  

Thanks for listening

One more thing.  The SM and AP displays don't match.  

Here's an SM with the same configuration as the AP I used as the example previously.