15 and 30 Mhz channel for ePMP

Probably spitting into the wind with this but are there any plans to add additional channels, i.e. 15 and 30 Mhz to the ePMP line? Would really love to see a 15 Mhz channel in the 2.4. We have multiple instances where a 20 Mhz channel just doesn’t work with the interference but a 15 Mhz channel would work great. I know there is little spectrum to work with in the poor forgotten 2.4 arena but a bone would be nice. I know the PMP450 2.4 supports additional channel widths but the price point math doesn’t add up for the smaller deployments.


30Mhz on ePMP 3000 would be great!

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Cambium has already sealed the fate on some of these choices – in the Force300/3000 lineup, for some of the devices they decided to purchase chips which simply can’t do all the frequency sizes. So (for example) a 300-19 IS compatible with 10 Mhz channel widths, but the 300-15 is not backwards compatible with 10 MHz AP’s.

So going forward, the waters are muddied - as they’ve chosen not to have backwards compatibility with all previous features and modes.

I agree – having 30 and 50 Mhz modes is a very desirable feature (as is 15Mhz in 2.4Ghz), and the commitment to flexibility that competitive product already have is very compelling.