Can the STA firmware be added to the download list

This is already available. Please go to the "PMP Software Images" screen and click the refresh button in the top right.

So to be clear is the STA version and 16.1.1 is the no STA version?

The build which supports the STA frequencies is privately sent to those who are authorized to use it, and it is curently a single build based off of  It is not in itself.   If you are authorized to use it, send an email to support and we'll get you the links to the right build.

Thanks Aaron

I can confirm we were one of the first 2 to be authorized and are deploying it.  I'll email to support now, will this be able to be added to cnArcher downloads so our Installers can field prep when needed? 

Rajesh can help you offline with that, I think he'll be reaching out shortly.  Thanks!