16.1 and Auto Contention

For those out there that have turned auto contention on does anybody care to share any stats as far as increased performance/throughput/etc?  I'm most interested to see how it's working on AP's that see high framing utilization.  

We've enabled it on all our radios... I really don't think there's a reason not to. We changed over so long ago that I don't have any stats before or after, but at the time I did testing I did notice that clients on busy AP's seemed to have less trouble uploading and their latency stats looked better during periods of congestion. I'd highly recommend you start using it across all your AP's.

If you're running into high frame utilization, you might also want to try converting to 5ms frames. This helped us quite a bit and squeezed another 10% out of AP's. ALSO, if you don't need it, set broadcast repeat count to 0.

We converted to 5ms frame size some time ago and saw the same gains as you did.  I'll look into the broadcast repeat count. I'm not sure if we need it or not so will have to dig into that more.  Thank youfor the information on this.