reply expired in transit.

Preface: My network is 100% routed and I don't use anywhere in my network. I understand that it's the "last ditch" IP for accessing the radios, but it shouldn't show up in any routing scenerios.

When I'm pinging an SM from the office I ocasionally get reply from expired in transit..

The interface facing the SM is It makes two hops to my desk (104.37.xx.xxx). When an SM goes offline I get "request times out" for a few packets and then a "expired in transit" from

Is this normal?? I would expect the "expired in transit" to come from one of the addresses on the router, none of which are 169.254.x.x..

169.254.x.x  is not routable.  this is expected of a link layer address.   that IP is accessible only L2 as a last ditch access method to the cambium hardware. 

sorry the rest didn't sink in until i read your post again.... yeah, that should happen.  169 interface shouldn't be trying to answer link that?  

does this happen anywhere else for you, or just that specific CPE?   we're fully routed too and i haven't see that happen yet. 

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