190 and VLan on Wan

I have a cnPilot 190 that I want to send it a DHCP address on a VLAN.  Attached is my config.  Does this look right? I am not grabbing DHCP on the VLAN.

Hi J2sw ,

Config looks ok . 

Can you send  below info on  to my mail id nileshkumar.singh@cambiumnetworks.com.  

1. Config file and status page screen capture.

2.Which version you are running.

3. Are you using IPv4 or IPv6 ?



Hi J2sw ,

If you are trying to configure IPV6 on WAN port . You will need to enable it first in , Network-->IPv6 advance .

I have got IP for my router WAN port in VALN 10 for both IPv6 and IPv4. See attached screencature from my router .