I know this topoic has been beat to death on the forum but, I was just wondering if there was any ETA for DFS on the force 190?  I got 48 of the buggers sitting on our inventory shelf, having ordered them and not double checking that they were not DFS ready.

LOL  I didn't even notice they could not do DFS channels until I tried to set one up for a new install on a micropop (the only place we do PMP with DFS channels).  I thought I had defective radio stuck in the wrong country code or something... then I thought I had two.. then a I though "well is the whole batch bad ?" then I realized "aww, seriously they don't do DFS channles ?!"

Would be nice to know when/if they place to support DFS.  I was thinking these and the 180's would be great for customers on micropops (something we are thinking we will be rolling out more and more of in the future). And micropops are really the only place DFS channels would be useful for us for PMP.

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We’re going to FCC for the audit this month. If all goes well (it should), we will have DFS channels on F190 in an August software release, perhaps even earlier if the FCC paperwork gets approved in a timely fashion.

Sorry for the delay.