1Gbps on WiFi

Hello members,
There is a client who wants to have 1 Gbps on Wi-Fi. We have tested using some Access Points and the maximum we get is 400 mbps.
Is this possible on Cambium, and which model can achieve that?

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our highest speed capable models would be XE5-8, XE3-4, XE3-4TN (outdoor), and XV3-8.

This could have to do with the AP configuration and wireless clients (ie 1x1 vs 2x2, etc ) you are using. For starters, can you post here the AP model you are testing with and the radio configurations you are using for each radio?

When you say Wi-Fi, do you mean similar to a router for PC’s and phones. Or do you mean the main connection, such a a PTP or PTMP solution?

For the router path, those speeds come from the pretty expensive ones with Wifi6/6e. For PTP, 60Ghz products give some pretty impressive speeds, and similar with PTMP

Dear predecessors.
Let’s start with the basics.
For this to happen, the network card in the computer must be compatible with AX and have the latest specifications.
It must also support MIMO.
Additionally, an i7 processor and at least 16 GB of RAM so that the card does not burden other tasks.
On the AX 211 card under Windows 11, I can easily get 930 Mbps.
Of course, we are talking about very short distances from the AP, no more than 5-9 meters and no obstacles.

Recomienda el XV2-2T0. Es un access point WiFi6, outdoor