2.4 ghz Lite GPS AP


There is a 5ghz LITE AP available at a lower cost for 10 subs or less. Can we get a LITE version of 2.4 as well considering we usually put far less customers on 2.4 anyway so that is the band that makes more sense to have a LITE version. If we only expect 2-3 customers on 2.4 at a Micro POP site, I can't afford a $430 AP there. So I will be stuck putting up Ubiquiti for 2.4 instead.

Please make a 2.4 LITE AP so I can purchase more Cambium. Thank you!

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Cambium has commented on this and I believe they've mentioned that they do not plan on making a 2.4GHz GPS lite version... however, I would imagine if you moved this over to the 'Ideas' section, and enough people were interested in it, they might consider doing this. Alternatively, why don't you just use a normal (non-GPS) radio as an AP? Do you really need frequency reuse/sync?

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