2.4 slow speeds...grrr

we have deployed 2 - 2.4 ap’s

the speeds we are getting with link capacity test are about 5.3down 1.9up

but we we go online and do speedtest.net the speeds are less than 500k and about 80k = less than 1mbps and less than 100kbps

when i run a 900 i get about 2.8down and about 800k up on the same tower same test site.

anyone hzve some suggestions on things i can look at?

the 2.4 is reg at -51db. no noise at all in the area

is there something in the ap i am missing or a cmm settings?

Are you seeing any ethernet errors on the ethernet stats page of the AP?

here is a screen shot

According to the stats page, there is a abnormally high number of CRC (cyclic redundancy check) Errors. This would indicate to me that there is either a cabling problem (most likely), faulty switch port, or a speed/duplex mismatch between AP and switch/CMM. Make sure all of your tower cable runs are using outdoor shielded Cat5E, and the length of each is 100 meters or less.

very interesting you said this. the CMM is set on 10 FULL

but the AP reads 10 HALF

Definitely want to check the cabling. APs and CMM seem to work fine set to Auto/Auto. If they are negotiating at any speed besides 100M/Full, this would indicate a cabling issue or the length is outside 100M.

Looks like Ethernet flapping

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Looks like Ethernet flapping

how would i fix that? altho i am not 100% sure what u mean

Ethernet Flapping is usually a result of duplex issues between two interfaces. You have already determined that your ports between CMM and AP are mismatched. Test or replace the cable between CMM and AP. If your going to force the port configuration, make sure both interfaces are set identically. Have you tried setting the ports on the CMM and AP to Auto/Auto or 10M/FULL? Did you see the same results?