2.4 SM tries to be a 5GHZ SM

We are stumped on this one… have a sm that is running 6.1 and has run fine since July. Now all of a sudden it locks up and when we reboot by cycling the power it comes up with 5 GHZ frequency list instead of the 2.4 GHZ list and obviously doesn’t talk to the AP either and we have to cycle it several more times before it comes up correctly… any ideas out there??
Vanderhoof, B.C.

Can you upgrade the SM to 7.3.6, factory default it, and then see if anything changes? This really shouldnt be possible but then again you’re seeing it.

If it still doesnt fix then post back the MSN (606 number on the radio). You can leave off the last 4 digits to protect the radios identity.

This sounds interesting. Please post your results or solution when you come across one.

will try to upgrade the SM this weekend and will post the results

I had a very similar problem with a 2.4 sm. It was used for aboout 6months then got shut ooff for about 2 months. On applying power back to it, it came up as a 5.2 sm. Seemed very weird. So I thought, what the heck, and I upgraded to 7.2.9 and it came back around. So it seems that it may have been a glitch of 6.1