2.4 UBNT to 2.4 Epmp

Well, I am finally ready to put up my new epmp ap's and sectors this week. I have all my clients changed to epmp they are currently all running on rocket m2 with 3 120 degree sectors with shields on the sectors. I also have 2 900 mhz 450i sectors on this tower. My plan is to mount the  4 2.4 sectors and then put the 1 900 mhz sector below each 2.4 epmp sector on the same pole. do ing this on each side  so they are back to back so I can use gps sync on the 900 gear, Thoughts on that setup? 

Also I have the new SIDS in the preferred AP lists on the client side, my plan is to put all the new 2.4 radios configured in WIFI Mode , get everything fired up and then login to each client later in the evening to put them in TDD mode and when all clients are in TDD mode change the AP to TDD , Continue to do this for each AP/SM until the tower is fully switched. Any thoughts or advice on this ? Even open to not doing it this way if there is a better option. I thought my way would be best to elimate client downtime. I have about 20 clients on each ap at this point. 

I am pretty excited to see how the new ap's perform because right now I have some clients that are not happy with service. 

Thoughts. and Thanks 

So if I'm understanding this right, you already replaced all the client radios with ePMPs, and you currently have them running in wifi mode to the UBNT APs (and you're not using Elevate)? If so, then yes, you either have to put up the ePMP APs in wifi mode and then switch everything over, or switch all the clients to TDD before you shut down the UBNT APs.

It's already too late to use elevate if you already replaced all the clients, but if you convert any other towers from UBNT to ePMP in the future, use ePMP Elevate and save yourself a LOT of time and money.

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Yes I have all the clients changed. I was thinking about elevate but I was told that the epmp client is also much better that the ubnt client radios . 

Well, I have my sectors up and after a few little glitches I have everything configured and up and running thanks to some forum members and Sirc. The sectors are doing excellent compared to my ubnt 2.4 ap's and sectors. I and am truely impressed. I even have a marginal client at -77 that I can wireless link test at 20 seconds and it gets 14mb down and 1mb up which is amazing because now I can offer this client my 8mb package vs 4mb although they may stay right at 4mb now that they have a solid signal. So far I am really impressed and I should have never waited this long to the epmp gear up. This stuff is a game changer. I have 3 sectors up still have to change one more  ubnt sector before I will have full gps sync on the tower. The last sector I am going to use elevate on the client side and just change the sector and ap to epmp 2.4 ghz .

Thanks again to the forum members