2 450m 3GHz cnPulse sync issue on aux

I’m running a cnPulse to sync 2 450m 3GHz sectors. I’ve followed the documents using one sector in mode 2, POE in to cnpulse - odu port to data port on the radio and this device shows receiving cambium sync. The second 450m has a straight through cable from the aux to aux running in mode 1. This device shows all of the gps satellites seen (23) and tracked (20), along with lat long height and time all accurately shown. Sync pulse status - Timing port will occasionally show receiving sync for a short moment then drops right back to no sync. Sync pulse status remains No Sync Since Boot Up. aux power is on on this radio and cnPulse is powered through the pidu port as well.

Putting in a ticket as well, but wanted to see if this was a known issue.

There is a known issue with the “A” revision of cnPulse. This is noted in the FSB here:

If you have a current version of the cnPulse (i.e. C000000L066B), then the support ticket is certainly the right path.

I’m doublechecking this but it appears this is the A model… what I find odd is that doc states to use the aux, however with both sectors connected, it is the sector connected to aux that will not sync even though i’m getting all of the satellite stats. the one using cambiumsync works.

It appeared that our techs crimped the cable with the wrong pinout. pin 7/8 were backwards. Recrimp solved the issue.


Thanks for reporting back, and glad your issue has been resolved!