2.4G APs unexpected reboot

Hi All,

We have a couple of clusters with 2.4G APs installed - each site not fully populated…ie 4-5 APs per site.
Most of the APs are currently running 8.2.4 AP-DES with sync provide by each site’s CMM-GPS. We’ve been running APs for almost a year, however are seeing a few problems with some of the APs on each cluster.

1. logs (events) and uptime on some APs on each cluster show the APs unexpectedly rebooted, at least once in 24hours. Following message shows up in events:
File src/syslog.c : Line 1181 System Reset Exception – Watchdog Reset
File src/root.c : Line 425 System Startup
We’re yet to establish a pattern/reason for unexpected reboot and are wondering if anyone has seen a similar problem. Problem was seen with 8.2.1 and we recently upgrade most of the APs to 8.2.4, however are still seeing the problem.

2. These same APs also reboot when doing a link capacity test to certain SMs registered on that AP. the event log shows the same message (System Reset Exception).We were adviced this is a known issue with firmware 8.2.4.

We upgraded only two APs to 8.2.7 a week ago to see if this would solve the problem. Still monitoring at the moment.
Apart from the upgrade to 8.2.7, what else can we look out for?

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.

Andrew Baur,
Data Nets Limited
Port Moresby,
Papua New Guinea