2.4Ghz Freq Scan

Hey All,

We're looking at setting up two sectors of the ePMP 1000's. We conducted a freq scan and would like your input on whether or not we're able to utilize 2.4ghz at this location. Could you take a look at the attachments and give your feedback?

Thank you!

Hi.  There was a good thread a couple weeks back on results in 2.4Ghz.  We decieded to first test it in the noisiest part of our network - right in town.  I'm shooting about 4Km over the city - and I can hear a bazillion 2.4Ghz routers, and my performance at home is really quite good.  Obviously it still needs to struggle with all the competing noise - but it does still work really quite well, despite all the 2.4Ghz noise.

So - you may want to read this thread: 


This is the spectrum from my place.  I'm using 2452 at 20Mhz width, which is pretty noisy and still works reamarkably well.

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