2.5.1 lockup problem

This afternoon i had a  2.5.1 epmp1000 ap lockup. A remote reboot fixed the problem but now when i log into it and try to change any settings  I get this message:

14:21:08 Configuration save failed. 

Configuration->System->Onboarding Key: 
Password can not be set, the Cambium-ID is absent.

Any suggestions?

Hi Ben, 

Are you using cnMaestro? If not, can you make sure cnMaestro is disabled under Configuration->System and then check to see if you are able to save other settings?



Hello Ben,

Also you may try to enable Remote Management(if it is disabled) and:

1. Delete Onboarding Key manualy


2. Enter proper Cambium ID and Onboarding Key for it.

Thank you.

Remote management was disabled, I had to do as you said in #1. This unit has never had remote management enabled  so I'm not sure what caused the error.