2.5.2 version getting "can't find Cambium ID"

2.5.2 version getting "can't find Cambium ID so cannot save new configuration"

Had this on two units we upgraded new out of the box.

Are you using cnMaestro?  The only 'Cambium ID' I know of is in Configuration->System->cnMaestro.  If you're NOT using cnMaestro, make sure 'Remote Management' in that section is disabled.


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Yea i t was on both units. 

Hello John,

Could you please clarify in details scenario in details when you has faced with that issue.

Thank you.

I am trying to work on the unit right now. It won't get me reset the admin password. Says "Configuration > System > Onboarding Key : The password cannot be set, the Cambium-ID is absent"

Apparently because the WPA password was entered into the Onboarding Key field of the cnMaestro section by accident. Now it won't go away. We erased the field, saved and rebooted but it keeps coming back, so it causes the error and we cannot change the admin password.

Going to reset this to defaults. 

Hi John,

I confirmed that in 2.5.2 that once you enter an Onboarding Key that a Cambium-ID is needed or you get the error message you indicated.  If you leave the field with any kind of value in Cambium-ID, then I can save off my configuration and my admin password.

In 2.6.0 if you try to erase the Onboarding Key or the Cambium-ID, the save proceeds as successful, but the emptied Onboarding Key and Cambium-ID are restored.  The reason for this is that when using cnMAESTRO, you must have a Cambium-ID and an Onboarding Key as it is not acceptable for cnMAESTRO to not have these fields.