2.5G POE Ports / DC switch

Are there any plans for 2.5gbps support and a wide input dc powesupply? 9-72 volts would be ideal and 500 watts. If we had something like this with OSPF and MPLS support it would replace all other tower devices.

These switches are not really designed for towers. They’re more for the enterprise market

There is plan for 2.5G support. John Mead can provide further info.

OSPF will be included in release 2.1, slated for mid 2019. Unfortunately, MPLS is not in our roadmap.

Great to see these questions.   cnMatrix will support 3 families of switches.  Enterprise, WISP, and outdoor video-surveillance/smart city.   We do have in design a 2.5G switch, which is mainly being developed for our enterprise family of products.(we also have a 48 port switch in development as well)

Our Enterprise switches currently do not have DC versions.  However, this is in the plans.

Our WISP switches (not out yet) definitely will have DC powered versions.  The exact voltage input range is not known at this time.