2 CMM's in close proximity (Mot Tech Support)

I have a CMM that is set up on one tower that services the west side of the mountain, and a CMMmicro set up on another tower about 1000’ away servicing the east side of the mountain.

I noticed in the CMMmicro that there is a function to set it as a slave. Should I have the CMM act as the Master and pass the sync to the CMMmicro and set it up as a slave? How would I do this? Is there an input on the CMMmicro to accept the sync from a BH Slave or SM?

The AP’s covering the West are facing away from the AP’s covering the East with some minor overlap.


User guide says that feature is for future use and I would assume yuo would need both cmm’s to be micro.


From what i see just leave both the cmm running as they are getting the sync from the satellite which is exactly the same.

unless you are getting any other problems, but from CMM they are fine on getting sync.

We have a set up like this:

We are on top of a 10 Story building.

We have our South Side with a CMM Micro that has 3 AP’s and 2 BH’s.
We have our North Side with a CMM Micro that has 3 AP’s and 1 BH.

We use this site as a “hub” that hits fiber to downtown.

Both are setup with seperate GPS units and work great. leave both to master and you will not have any issues.

thanks guys. We just left each CMM as a stand alone.

So far no issues.