2 GHz PMP450 SM External Antenna Options?

I realize the CLIP is not made for the 2 GHz subscriber, but is there anything out there that will give more gain, but not be a reflector? 

We are in a situation where an HOA won't let us use the Reflectors, but the internal gain isn't quite enough to get where we would like to be. Anything aftermarket maybe that someone has developed?


I am not aware of anything similar to the CLIP for a 2.4 GHz device... unfortunately, the focal point and illumination pattern of the antenna is not well-suited to being able to use the 5 GHz CLIP.  I don't think it will work well, if at all...

Thanks for the response--I hadn't thought about it until now, but it appears there is a connectorized SM that might do the trick if we found a smallish 2.4 GHz panel.

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Absolutely this is an option for you... there are many of the connectorized versions in stock and ready to ship if you need them!  Keep in mind that you can use a H+V panel rotated +-45, and at the end of the day, the radio will compensate for H+V vs. +-45 anyway.