2 separate IP addresses from ePMP1000 Hotspot through ePMP Force 200

Hello.  I am using Force 200 to link a ePMP1000 Hotspot to extend a wireless network.  The AP and the SM are working and getting IP from DHCP on the network router.  The router is handing out in the range of to  I have noticed in the list of devices in the GUI on the router it shows my Force 200 units as for the AP and for the SM and for the Hotspot plugged into the SM.  Then there is this mysterious that is on the router device list that has the same MAC address as the  Hotspot that is connected to the SM.  So this hotspot is showing as with it's name and then with with the name field blank in the router list.  I did see something in the config of the Force 200 radios that said:

"networkLanDefaultIP": "",

I have had many problems and complaints with this network and I feel this might be related. I haven't been able to resolve these complaints.  I do not recall seeing this Network Lan Default in the GUI for the Force 200 but maybe I missed it. The router is a Calix 844E1 and I attached a screen shot of the device list.  Any help please would be most appreciated. I have something set wrong i"m sure.

Steve Schuh

Hi Steve,

I would be really appreciate if you could attach configuration files of your Hotspot device. is just default IP address for all ePMP devices, thus I don't think it is related to your issue.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I can't seem to attch the tar.gz  aybe I could email it to you.


Yes, please send it on my e-mail:


Thank you.