2 wired e410s and 1 e410 in mesh mode

I have a residence project where I'll installing 2 e410s in the basement, these two units will be hardwired to the network. I want to install a 3rd e410 in the second floor of the residence in mesh mode. I have no way to wire this third unit to the network. Is it doable to have 2 units in the basement, about 50 ft apart from each other, and the 3rd in the second floor, in the middle of the 2 units in the basement?

It is possible to have Mesh connection between basement AP and second floor AP. it very unlikely that in your network one AP in the basement is down while another one is UP, so would suggest to manually add an ACL so that client and base will latch on to each other. 

Below are some of the recommendations. 

  • Mesh device should be visible at a RSSI of -65dBm or SNR of 30dB
  • Do Indoor Wi-Fi site survey to check the feasibility of the mesh connection between floors.¬†
  • Make sure there is RF line of sight between Mesh base and Mesh client¬†
  • Create a Mesh link on 5GHz
  • Separate Mesh control traffic from wireless user traffic. i.e, assign different VLAN for Mesh and wireless WLAN profile.
  • Suggest to have two differnet AP groups in cnMaestro for Mesh configuration.¬†
    • 1) for Mesh base¬†
    • 2) for Mesh client¬†
  • Make sure that while upgrading firmware and pushing any configuration, the order is to first do it in mesh client then mesh base.¬†

let me know should you need more information. 


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