20 meg backhaul bandwidth issues

I have two twenty meg 2.4 backhauls back to back connecting one tower to another. Both sets are receiving sync from CMM micros. I know the 20 meg BH only has a total aggregate throughput of 14 megs. On the one end I’ve got a 10 megabit symmetrical connection shooting up to the tower throught an ofdm backhaul. I get the full 10 megs to the tower with my ofdm but through my two canopy BH’s I’ve never seen anything higher than an aggregate of 6-7. Both have 100% link tests and both are set for hardware scheduling, 2x rate enabled. Any suggestions besides using ofdm bh’s across the board.

I think you should be seeing 10Mbps or more…

Something is not working right, but hard to say given your information.

Are you co-locating BH Master and BH Slave on the same site?
Or are you co-locating BH Master and BH Master on the same site?

Is there any interference that would be cutting your signal rate down?

Are the radios staying in 2x mode?

What are your power levels and distance?

How are you testing the throughput on the links?