20 mhz wide bandpass filters

Does anyone know of a vendor that sells a 20 mhz wide bandpass filter for the 900 mhz range? Not a regular bandpass filter for the entire 900 mhz range… The intention is to block out everything (including other interference in adjacent channels) except the channel the 900 mhz canopy AP is transmitting/receiving on.


I was wondering if you had any luck on this. I have been wondering the same thing for a while.


Tunable Bandpass is one option, however unless you have an analyzer to tune it, it's probably not a good idea. Better to go with a fixed frequency bandpass. They make custom filters as well.

Can't speak to the effectiveness or the performance.

I repeat.......I have never used them, don't know anything about the company, never heard of them, and if pressed I'll deny, deny, deny.....

unless of course it works ;-)

Sinclair (www.sinclabs.com) makes such filters, also Telewave, many others. Ask your local land mobile shop.