2022 Wireless Fabric Photo Montage

Have your solution featured in our showcase video. Take a photo of Cambium Networks equipment installed and post it to this thread. Instead of having a contest with only a few winners, ALL of the photos will be featured in a video montage we will share at the end of summer.

There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit. Your photos can include your staff, technicians, indoor, outdoor, Wi-Fi, Fixed wireless, Management screen shots or whatever is important to you. This is your chance to share the difference that Cambium Networks equipment makes in connecting your world.


Hello Mr. @Cambium_RayS ,

beautiful sunset in Kigali, Rwanda with a view of these PMP 450i Access Point installed:

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe


A couple of 80Ghz Link photos enjoying the view 20m up in the sky. Beautiful clear blue skies in Queensland Australia.

A little line of sight shot.
QLD Australia


Checking out some alignment mounting brackets.

Qld Australia


Beautiful view from the top of our 20m tower.

Qld, Australia


These are great photos William. What are you connecting out there?

G’day Ray,
We were installing a backhaul link to a large remote construction camp. Running from a main Fibre Node in the closest township which is 55Km away through mountainous terrain. Using 2 Bounce points we run from Town to Bounce 1 (20Km), then Bounce 2 (35Km), then 2.5Km to the camp. We are consistently achieving speeds of 500Mbps from the Fibre node to site. Happy Clients all the way. All of our bounce points are built with a solar ground stations for power.

Thanks for the chance to share.

Here is a bonus picture of our boss hiding out in the shade.


3 PTP 550 backhauls, 3 epmp 3000. Upgrading to 450m and 850e soon

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Home of the Big Sky. Huntley, MT, USA