22.1.2 non beta

Any idea when the non beta version coming out. Will 22.2 handle the new things on the SAS of extending the Tx expiry time???

The official release should be today. Note this release was created specifically to address a minor corner case we discovered for CBRS when this new feature to increase Tx expiry will be implemented by the SAS vendors.

If you’re using 5 GHz, stick with 22.2.

If you’re using CBRS, you’ll most likely be ok with 22.2, but 22.1.2 addresses this edge case, so it’s safer to move to this release.

The symptom of this bug would be poor uplink modulation. That is, if you’re on 22.2, then the SAS feature gets enabled (for Federated Wireless, you can already “opt-in”, and for Google it will be turned on next week), if you see your uplink modulation reduced, you should migrate your software to R22.1.2.

This should all get cleaned up with the official Release 24.0, which is expected in April, so this is a very temporary issue.

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So for CBRS I should just wait for later today until the non beta comes out? The email I got stated needed to be done by the 15th

If you don’t want to wait for the stable release and you have AP’s exhibiting TX expiry timeout issues, you can go ahead and update to the R22.1.2-beta1 release that’s available in cnMaestro cloud. There’s no difference between the beta1 and the stable releases.

I am not sure which email you’re referring to, but Google’s plan to turn this on is March 20, and for Federated Wireless you need to opt-in as stated above.

The official release is posted already:

I only see the beta version on cnMaestro Cloud.

The official release is in cnMaestro cloud now. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble seeing it.

Yes, I see it now. Thanks Matt!!