22.1/22.0.1? Beta or release?

Just wondering is 22.1 or 22.0.1 going to be a release soon or beta first or??? Holding back till the cnmaestro bug and whatever else is fixed before rolling out and trying to get an idea of how long we’ll hold on network rollout

We’ve discovered an issue if you upgrade certain 450b models from really old releases like 16.0 directly to or later. So we’re going to fix that ASAP, probably a quick dot release. More info to come soon.

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Any news?
We have upgraded to 22.0 some AP and i don’t know if downgrade them or wait

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The new releases are available now:


Hi I see the 22.1 Beta on Maestro, anyone try it out yet?

Yes, we’re running R22.1 beta 2 on all of our AP’s, and R22.0.1 on all SM’s. Everything is working fine so far!

oh excellent, forgive my ignorance… so is the 22.1 beta 2 just for the AP and thats why the SMs have 22.0.1?

the main changes are minor and are AP focused I think on the Downlink scheduler will be interesting to hear if it actually makes any meaningful improvement beyond 22.0.1 for throughput

Thank you for your reply, @Eric_Ozrelic seen any throughput improvements?

R22.0.1 was a minor release but it fixed some pretty annoying issues… so annoying in fact that they had to pull R22 because of them.

As to the R22.1 beta, that adds a slight performance improvement for PMP450m AP’s during periods of high utilization.

CPY-18210 - Run 450m scheduler in the prior frame to eliminate lost downlink slots. This can
improve downlink throughput in some scenarios.

So this improvement, with R22’s introduction of MGPF can get a fully loaded up PMP450m AP an up to 30% bump in performance under the right conditions.

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every CBRS 450b SM we put CANOPY 22.1 (Build BETA-2) on will only negotiate to 100mbps full on the ethernet port

The test connectorized 450i AP is at 100mbps too

Hmmm… I just updated my own personal 450b HG to R22.1-B2 and it’s still working fine at 1gbps. I’ve also updated all of our AP’s to this beta and they’re all negotiating at the proper rates.

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We have a mixed set of results, and it seems there was a change to the OID I havent had time to look into