24 Hour Encryption Refresh


Should I have 24 Hour Encryption Refresh enabled?

I’m guessing it’s there for a good reason but what harm / problems will I encounter if I disable it?

Is this feature documented?

Having the link drop every 24 hrs and being in the middle of something is annoying.

Maybe Cambium should allow you to set the time that the refresh takes place???

Stay Safe

I have always left it disabled since the beginning of (Canopy) time. I find it more annoying than anything. And, as you said, I have no idea what the purpose is. Maybe if you were transferring highly sensitive military info and you are worried someone might be trying to crack the encryption.

Hi Acherman

It’s frustrating that features go left undocumented. Maybe my speed reading skills are a little off but I failed to find any reference to it in the docs.

For awhile I thought that a smart meter was knocking down the link every 24 hrs.

Logs were useless in diagnosing the issue.

It was not until today 24 hrs after I had updated to 14.1.2 that I realized that something was up with the radios.

After a couple of searches I was able to zero in on the encryption refresh.

Stay Safe

I’ve been working with this gear for so long that in horrible at reading the user guides. Maybe once in a while when I’m looking for something new or specific, or release notes. Can’t say that I’ve ever noticed the encryption refresh info. I could see if it was a new feature, but for something that’s been around for so long, it should be there. Maybe @CambiumMatt can comment here.