3.2.x firmware SNMP freezes - antena cannot be remotly restarted


We have a problem with 3.2.x firmware on APs, after few days of running it stops respond to SNMP request from monitoring (at least, that’s how we found it out) – at this point the antenna cannot be restarted from web interface nor from SSH/Telnet. The only way is disconnecting it out of electricity. It happened us on two antennas with FW 3.2.1 – one is GPS synced AP, the other is plain ePMP 100 Force set as AP; we tried to upgrade to 3.2.2, but it happen again on different antenna (with GPS sync), so it seems to by software problem since FW 3.2.1. Any suggestions?

Hi Pavel,

Unfortunately you have faced with SNMP daemon crash.

It is known issue which were observed on 3.2.x Releases.

You can reboot it via cnMaestro or via power feeding.

Issue is already fixed in 3.3 Release.

Please upgrade your devices to 3.3 Release.

Sorry for inconveniences.

Thank you.

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