3.6 Medusa Tree Penetration

Medusa (3.6) continues to impress. Hidden behind the trees, about a third of a mile away a Medusa AP is mounted atop a tall (17 floor) building. The SM is mounted a few feet above where this picture was taken, on a low roof. There’s no line-of-sight to the AP whatsoever.

Our installer tried a 5.8 CPE, and had no signal at all. 2.4 isn’t going to work because the band is completely flooded there (near campus).

PMP450b high gain CPE connected right away. With audio tone aiming, he quickly achieved 8x MIMO-B both ways. -51 signal (from AP, -56 from SM). Link tests at 117 down, 35 up.

Sadly, the customer is only paying for 25/5 - so that’s what they get. At least we can be confident they will get it every time!